Event Planning and Management.

Get comprehensive planning and execution support for corporate gatherings, conferences, and expos, which include concept development, theme creation, venue selection, budget planning, logistics coordination, and accommodation arrangements.

Expo Branding and Design.

We provide expo branding solutions to create a strong visual identity for the event, as well as tailored booth design and construction. Our services include the design and production of banners, signage, backdrops, and promotional materials.

Event Design and Decor.

Our event design and decor services involve customized decor based on the event theme, banners, signage, branding materials, and logo placement on promotional materials along with floral arrangements and centerpieces to enhance the overall ambiance.

Audio-Visual Services.

We offer comprehensive audio-visual services to ensure a seamless experience including, sound system and lighting setup, projection and screen rentals, and technical support for presentations to ensure a seamless audio-visual experience.

Entertainment and Emcees.

We offer a wide range of entertainment options to captivate your audience, including booking and coordinating entertainment acts like live bands, DJs, dancers, team-building activities, and icebreakers, as well as securing keynote speakers and emcees.

Event Registration and Ticketing.

Get a seamless registration experience with our comprehensive online and on-site registration services, ticketing, and RSVP management, as well as badge and lanyard production creating a professional first impression for your event attendees.

Transportation and Logistics.

We coordinate all transportation and logistics services to ensure a hassle-free experience for your attendees and handle accommodation booking for out-of-town guests, and shuttle services to and from the event venue.

Event Photography and Videography.

We capture every moment with our professional photography and videography services, including photo booths for interactive experiences, and post-event editing and distribution of high-quality multimedia content, ensuring you have lasting memories of your event.

Risk Management and Security.

Our risk management and security services include crowd control, security personnel, emergency response planning, and Insurance coordination. to ensure a safe and secure event environment.

Networking Opportunities.

We facilitate networking sessions and business matchmaking opportunities to enhance collaboration among participants, including the creation of dedicated spaces for B2B meetings and discussions.

Sustainability Solutions.

Our services incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable practices in event planning and booth construction, emphasizing waste management and energy-efficient solutions to reduce environmental impact.

Marketing and Promotion.

We offer strategic marketing and promotion including strategic campaigns, design and distribution of promotional materials, digital marketing, social media promotion, and traditional advertising to create buzz around the event.

Event Staffing.

We provide trained and professional staff for various roles, such as event coordination, registration, and customer service, as well as brand ambassadors to engage with attendees and promote exhibitors' products or services.

Technology Integration.

Our technology integration services involve interactive touchscreens, virtual reality, and augmented reality solutions, as well as digital displays and presentations to showcase products and services, enhancing the visitor experience.

Post-Event Evaluation and Reporting.

We conduct post-event evaluation by collecting valuable feedback from attendees, to gain insights into their experience, analyze the event's success, and provide detailed reporting and an overview, enabling data-driven decision-making for future events.

Case Studies.


biomerieux feature image
1st bioMérieux AFMICS 2023 - Day02 Highlights
1st bioMérieux AFMICS 2023 - Day02 Highlights

African Union Summit
African Union Conference
African Union Conference

Video force in action
BTS - Video Force In Action
BTS - Video Force In Action

Cinabox Launch Highlights
Cinabox Launch Highlights